Oil Burners / Incense Burners

Air Freshner and Incense Burners Air Therapy Aromatherapeutic Air Incense burners.

The non-aerosol mist neutralizes all odors, and it's chemical-free, non-toxic, and safe for you and the environment. Each droplet contains active electrical ions (nature's own air cleaners) that attract, neutralize and continuously clean the air you breathe. USDA accepted - safe around food & restaurants Non-aerosol, recyclable steel OSHA compliant Cruelty-free Aromatherapeutic In order to be real Aromatherapy, all ingredients must be derived from 100% fruit, plant, flower, tree, etc. Air Therapy is made exclusively from essential oils (cold compresses from citrus peels) with no fillers, alcohol, or essences. They have performed and documented tests results for ODORS, SMOKE, and AIRBORNE BACTERIA.