Chunky Chip Stone Bracelet

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Chunky Stone Power bead chip bracelets, New! The new hottest thing in Semi-Precious Stone bracelets, "Chunky Stone Bracelets", unlike the chip bracelet there are more larger rounded chips of semi-precious stones on an elastic band. For better view and look. Chunky Chips are approx. 6-12mm.

Chunky power bead stone bracelets are the new Hottest items, going like crazy. Buy one for yourself or surprise someone with this beautiful bracelet.

Meaning of these stone are: Agate-Healing, Amazonite-Serenity, Amethyst-Health, Aventurine-Prosperity, Blue Goldstone-Stress Relief, Cherry Quartz-Sensitivity, Clear Quartz(Rock Crystal)-Luck, Fancy Jasper-Intelligence, Fluorite-Calming, Green Garnet-Balance, Rose Quartz-Love, Sodalite-Calming

Quantity discounts available for orders of 50 or more pieces of this bracelet. Wholesale priced. No tax ID required to purchase at these prices.