WeWood Watches

We Wood Watches. WEWOOD is a new Italian brand from 2010 that is committed to the health of our planet. The innovative watches are lightweight and made 100% high-quality wood. These are not only beautiful but they are also Eco Watches. Made from 100% recycled wood and 100% Organic, they are also Hypo-Allergenic, completely free of Toxic chemicals. WEWoods is committed to save the Planet and they need your help. Plant a tree today, buy simply buying a watch. See the large selection of these beauties below. Bands are fully adjustable. Eco watches for men or women. Buy eco friendly watches as gifts and be sure to get one for yourself.

Bring a little piece of Nature into your otherwise urbanized life, while it brings a little more life back to our planet. For every watch purchased Wewoods will plant a new tree.