Candles & Gifts

Candles and gifts, power bead bracelets, puka shells and more.
 10 Assorted Puka Shell Necklaces
12" Triangle Vanilla Creme Candle
18" Tiger pukas shell necklace
3 Ball Candle Holder - Iron
3 Glass Lantern Twist Tea Light Holder
3 Hanging Glass Tea Light Holder
3 Lantern Tea Light Candle Holder
3 Lantern Tea Light Holder RC6105
3 Primitive Design Pot Set
36" Stone Nugget Necklace
50" Copper Color Aluminum Windchime
6 Latern Wrought Iron Candle Holder
African Jade, Snowflake Obsidian or Red Aventurine Chip Bracelets
Agate Candle Holder
Agate Slice Tealight Candle on Wooden Base
Agate Wind Chime - Small
Air Freshner
Air Therapy 2.2 oz
Air Therapy 4.6 oz
Air Therapy 8.6 oz
Aluminum Pipe & Agate - Windchime
Aluminum Pipe & Agate Windchime
Amethyst Candle
Amethyst Candle Gift Basket
Amethyst Lamp
Amethyst Massage Wand
Amethyst Point Key Chain
Amethyst Power Beads
Amethyst Sphere - 44mm
Amethyst Wand Double Point
Amethyst Wedge Candle Holder
Angel Bears
Angel Wind Chime
Angels Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
Aroma Diffusers
Bath and Body
Bath Brush
Black Onyx Power Beads
Blue Aventurine Power Bead Bracelet
Blue sodalite point pendant
Blue Tiger Eye Power Bead Bracelet
Box of 6mm post earrings, assorted stones
Box of Decorative Glow Ball Candles -6
Butterfly Kite
Candle Holders
Carnelian & Hematite Necklace
Carnelian or Moss Agate Chip Bracelet
Carnelian Power Beads
Carnelian, Amethyst & Hematite Necklace
Cellestial Aromatherapy Scent Oil Diffuser
Cherub Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
Chip Bracelets
Circle of Angels - small
Circle of Friends
Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere
Clear Quartz Massage Wand
Coco Bead Necklaces Assorted
Colored Shell Chip Necklace 18"
Cowrie Shell Bracelets on leather strap
Cowrie Shell bracelets series parallel
Crazy Agate Chip Bracelet
Crazy Agate Power Bead Bracelet
Crystal Ball
Crystal Wands
Dalmation Power Bead Bracelet
Designer Power Beads
Dolphin Shell Necklace 18"
Double Bead Stone Earring
Dragon Jasper Earrings
Dragon Jasper Power Bead Bracelet
Dream Catcher Chimes Keyring
Dream Catcher Key Chain
Eagle Kite
Elephants Aroma Diffuser
Extra Large Agate Wind Chimes
Fancy Bead Bracelet
Fancy Beads
Fancy Jasper Power Bead Bracelet
Fancy Picture Jasper Box Bracelet
Fancy Print Stone Cylinder Bracelet
Fancy Tiger Eye Cylinder Bracelet
Fancy Unakite Cylinder Bracelet
Feng Shui Candle Gift Set
Flashing Ice Cubes
Fluorite Massage Wand
Fluorite Power Bead Bracelet
Fountain Pump
Frog Wind Chime
Gemstone Heart Pendants
Geode Key Chain
Geode Slice Pendant
Gift Baskets
Gift Crate of The Experience Bath Salts
Gift Crate of Vanilla Dreams Bath Salts and Body Wash
Glass Power Beads
Gold Sand Stone Power Bead Bracelet
Goldstone Chip Bracelet
Goldstone Earrings - single
Graduated Puka Shell Necklace with coco beads
Gray Cats Eye Bracelet 4mm
Green Aventurine Candle Holder
Green Aventurine Power Bead Bracelet
Green Aventurine, Amethyst or Dalmation Chip Bracelets
Healing Stone Bracelet
Healing Stone Necklace
Heart Pendant Choker
Hematite & Rose Quartz Bracelet , Heart
Hematite - round and cylinder bead necklace & bracelet
Hematite and Cats Eye Bracelets
Hematite Bracelet and Necklace - Round Beads
Hematite Fancy Bracelet Round 4mm
Hematite Heart Necklace with Clear Quartz & Heart Accents
Hematite Heart & Rose Quartz Necklace
Hematite Necklace - Circle & Heart Pendant
Hematite Necklace with Double Heart Pendant
Hematite Necklace with Oval & Heart Pendant
Hematite Power Bead Bracelet
Hematite Triangle Necklace
Hematite Triangle Necklace with Chip Stones
Hematite, Unakite, Blue Sodalite Chip Bracelet
Hollow Aluminum Pipe Wind Chime
Hollow Aluminum Pipe Wind Chime with Agate
Honey Jade Power Bead Bracelet
Incense Burners
Indian Angel
Indoor Fountains
Inlaid Heart Stone Box
Inlaid Soapstone Stick Incense Ashcatcher
Iron & Agate Candle Holder Asst.
Iron and Agate Candle Holder - Top
Iron Fish Candle Holder
Jewelled Tea Light Tree
Key Chains
Kokopelli Wind Chime
Labordourite Power Beads
Lanterns & Leaves Tea Light Candle
Lapis Lazuli Power Bead Bracelet
Large Agate Wind Chimes
Large Circle of Angels candle holder
Large Orthoceras Candle Holder
Large Pair Hanging Heart Candles
Large Standing Heart Candle
Leopardskin Jasper Fancy Bracelet 4mm Round
Leopardskin Jasper Power Bead Bracelet
Leopardskin Jasper, New Jade or Rainbow Jasper Chip Bracelet
Lighted Fountain pump
Magnetic Hematite Bracelet 6 & 8mm
Magnetic Hematite memory wire with Cats Eye Beads
Magnetic Hematite Power Bead Bracelet
Mahacony Obsidian Power Bead Bracelet
Malachite, Black Onyx, Rock Crystal Chip Bracelet
Mexican Pottery
Mother of Pearl Power Bead Bracelet
Mulit-Color Cats Eye Bracelet 4mm
Multi Semi-Precious Stone Bracelet
New Jade Power Bead Bracelet
Onyx Elephant 4" with Tusks
Onyx Elephant with Tusks 5"
Onyx Heart
Orange Calcite - Rough - Candle Holder
Orange Cats Eye 4mm
Orange Chalcedony Power Bead Bracelet
Orange Citrine Candle Holder
Orthoceras Candle
Pair Small Hanging Heart Candle
Paua Shell Bangle - Small
Paua Shell bangles - Large
Picasso Jasper Power Bead Bracelet
Pink Cats Eye Bracelet 4mm
Polished Agate Slice Key Chain
Polished Fluorite Candle Holder
Polished Orange Calcite Candle Holder
Polished Rock Crystal Point - Lamp
Polished Rose Quartz Egg
Polished Sodalite Egg
Power Bead Bracelet
Power Bead Chip Bracelets
Power Beads
Premium Amethyst Candle Holder
Print Stone Power Beads
Puka Necklaces - Violet and chip accents
Puka Shell Bracelets
Puka Shell Jewelry
Puka Shell Necklace with Rainbow
Punched Tin Mirror
Rainbow Arc Candle Holder
Rainbow Puka & Coco Necklace 18"
Rainbow Staircase Oil Lamps
Raspberry Candle 3" Pillar
Red Agate Bead - Earrings
Red Agate Chip Bracelet
Red Agate Fancy Bracelet Round 4mm
Red Turquoise with Goldstone
Relaxation Balls
Replacement glass lantern
Rhodonite, Howlite or Labradorite Chip Bracelet
Rock Candles
Rock Crystal Candle Holder
Rock Crystal Key Chain
Rock Crystal Lamp
Rock Crystal Power Bead
Rock Lamps
Rock Lamps
Rose Quartz Candle
Rose Quartz Earrings 8mm
Rose Quartz Hearts - 45mm
Rose Quartz Lamp
Rose Quartz Massage Wand
Rose Quartz Pendants - Small Hearts
Rose Quartz Sphere
Rose Quartz with spinning sphere
Rough Fluorite & Sphere Fountain
Rough Fluorite Candle Holder
Sauna Bucket
Sauna Bucket Essentials
Semi-Precious Globe Pendant
Shaman Beauty Care Products
Shaman Moisturizing Shampoo or Conditioner 8oz
Shell Lei Necklace 32"
Shell Tube Necklaces - blue & white
Single Lantern and Leaves Tea Light
Single Lantern Tea Light Holder
Single Stone Bead Earrings
Smoky Quartz Power Bead Bracelet
Snowflake Obsidian Power Bead Bracelet
Snowflake Obsidian Power Bead Necklace
Soapstone Elephant - 3"
Soapstone Elephant - 6 inch
Soapstone Elephant - Medium
Soapstone Elephant 2"
Sodalite Candle Holder
Sodalite Power Bead Bracelet
Solid Aluminum Pipe Wind Chime
Spheres & Eggs
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Stainless Steel Tension Ring
Stone and Crystal Pendulums
Stone Point Pendant Cable Choker
Strand Necklace and Bracelet Set
Sun and Moon Plaque
The Experience Bath Salts
The Experience Body Lotion
The Experience Bubble Bath
The Experience Luxury Body Wash
The Experience Votive Candle
Tiger Eye Cascade Fountain
Tiger Eye Power Bead Bracelet 8mm
Tiger Eye Power Bead Bracelet 6mm
Tiger Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Chip Bracelets
Tribal Circle of Women Iron Candle Holder
Triple Strand Necklace and Bracelet Set
Tumbled Fluorite Bracelet
Tumbled Fluorite Necklace
Turquoise Power Bead Bracelet
Turtle Pendant Necklace Select
Turtle Pendants Necklace Asst
Unakite Power Bead Bracelet
White Howlite Power Bead Bracelet
White Onyx Doves Windchimes
White Onyx Power Bead Bracelet
White Onyx Taper Candle Holders
White Puka Shell Chip Necklaces 18"
White Puka Shell earrings
White Puka Shell Earrings
Whole Puka Shell Necklaces - Large
Whole White Puka Necklaces - Jumbo
Whole White Puka Shell Necklace 18"
Wholesale Gifts
Wind Chimes
Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant
Wire-Pottery Sun
Wooden Stick Incense Burners
Zebra Agate Power Bead Bracelet

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