Meaning Stones or Gems

Meaning Stones or Gems

Meaning stones have many meanings that are represented around the world. Some stones (gemstones) may have several meaning due to the color, texture or location of stone. Below we will guide your to some of the most common meaning and healing powers that are mainly known with some stone and gemstones.
Amethyst Meaning: Amethyst is a variety of quartz. It's known as an all around healing stone. It is also known to promote intelligence and brain power. It differs from ordinary quartz crystal because of its purple color (Shades may very from Dark to light purple). The purple color is due to the traces of manganese or iron, Amethyst cab be found manly in Brazil but also in Uruguay, India and Sri Lanka. Large amethyst geode are most commonly found in southern Brazil.
Quartz is also known as "Clear Quartz" or "Rock Crystal". Healing powers associated with this stone are: Increase intuition and insight, enhance awareness. Quartz is the most common of all minerals. It comes in many shapes and forms. Crystals very in size from tiny particles glittering on the surface of a rock to pieces that weigh up to a ton. This mineral may be transparent or translucent. In it's natural state, it is colorless, but frequently is colored from impurities. Common form of quartz are rose, smoky, amethyst and green. These forms of quartz may be used in jewelry and as decoration pieces. In it's pure form, quartz has many uses. It's uses range from the manufacturing of glass to use in electronics and optical equipment. Most quartz crystal is from Brazil and Arkansas.
Rose Quartz, this stone is known as: "Stone of Gentle Love", Symbolic of warmth and love. Rose Quartz is a type of quartz. This mineral gets it's pink color from traces of manganese. It is also known around the world as "the love stone" due to its color and look. Rose quartz can be found all around the world.
Malachite Meaning: gemstone malachite is known as it aids in harmonizing the body and enhances communication through your body. Malachite is a cooper mineral that is best known for its rich green color and its banded formations. It is formed in cooper deposits often with other minerals such as azurite and chrysocolla. Malachite is very decorative. Its widely used in carvings and jewelry. Massive quantities of malachite can be found in Zaire.
Petrified Wood, this stone(wood)is an excellent grounding stone. Used to strengthen one's back. Aids one in coping during a crisis and said to help one to understand suffering. Petrified Wood in the late tertiary period, blankets if rain-forest surrounding volcanoes were plentiful throughout Indonesia. After volcanic eruption these trees were buried by ash and lava eliminating any microbes that would rot the wood. The wood was then replaced with silica-rich minerals such as chalcedony, quartz, calcite, opal and jasper. The beautiful colors in the wood come from assorted trace elements. Traces of manganese create blue and black colors and traces of iron would result in different shades of brown and orange. This petrified wood found in Indonesia is more than 200 million years old.

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