45mm Semi-Precious Stone Hearts

ID : STNHRTS45MM-Smokey Quartz

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45mm Semi-Precious Stone Hearts. 45mm Heart shaped stone. These are a beauty. As a gift or as decorations around your home or work place. Made from read Semi-precious stone each each has it's unique differences since each heart is made from a different side of the stone. Choose from: Blue Sodalite, Labradorite, Brecciated Jasper, Tiger eye or GoldStone also known as(Sandstone) and Smokey Quartz(smokey quartz additional .50 cent per stone heart) Meanings: Blue Sodalite: Known for concentration, mental clarity and memory. Labradorite: Known for energetic, active and positive. Brecciated Jasper: Known for stone of remembrance, gives a positive outlook. **Note: Pricing depends on stone type as many stones are more expensive then other, please see stone dropdown for additional cost, per stone.