Amber Agate Oval Pendant

ID : VG-PDT1123-Assorted

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These beautiful, glossy, and translucent, polished, amber colored brown, orange, or yellow agate pendants are great for necklaces, jewelry, decoration, and more! Each pendant measures about 1.5" to 2", and due to the natural nature of the stones, each one will be unique. These agate pendants may be anywhere from a dark reddish brown color to amber orange, to a light yellowish and clear color. The picture of the multiple pendants shown, shows them in their packaging, which is why they don't look as glossy as the one in the main image. These pendants are made of real agate, which is said to have the metaphysical properties of general protection and healing, and is also said to increase courage and self-confidence, and is one of the oldest good-luck stones, said to bring good fortune. This is a great stone for wearing any time. Please note that this is only the pendant, and a necklace cord or earring must be bought separately if desired. Authentic agate with soldered metal double clasp VG-PDT1123 (Sold individually as 1 piece)