Assorted Glass Foil Earrings

ID : VO-GLAS-EAR-40-Assorted

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Assorted Glass Foil Earrings. Assorted Glass foil Earrings pair. These beautiful, sophisticated and elegant glass foil earring will make a spectacular accept to any occasion. Each foil glass earring is exquisitely detailed and made fashioned from the highest quality glass. Glass earring sizes range from approx 1" - 1 1/2". From top of hook to bottom of Glass earring approx 1 1/2" - 2".
Assorted glass earring with range from a huge selections of glass earring and will very in style and designs as available, images shows some of the styles, sizes and colors currently available, but may very/range from image.

Also see the Heart Glass Foil Pendant and Teardrop Glass Foil Pendants in the Jewelry Section.

Great Discounts if buying in Quantities, the higher Qty the less per pair. Limited stock only.