Blue Raindrop Foil Pendant

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Blue Raindrop Foil Pendant. This beautiful pendant was fused with stunning colors of blue, with yellow and green strips and a few drops of copper to make this amazing look. Blue Raindrop Foil Pendant SPF-04. Sophisticated and elegant glass foil pendant will make a spectacular accept to any occasion. Each foil glass pendant is exquisitely detailed and made fashioned from the highest quality glass. They first shape the pendant and apply layers of blue, then yellow and green striped in colored glass and copper foil, and finally encase the entire pendant in crystal glass. Approx size is: 2 1/4” length by 1 1/4“ wide. Spoon glass foil pendant necklaces also makes great gift for any occasion. Pattern and size will vary slightly from item to item. Save now, Buy This style and save, buy in larger quantities and save even more!. Special Pricing, save now ***Note: all colors and images will very from actual item(s) as these are made with blown glass which will make each piece its own color*** To view all individual images, select the main Jewelry section page from the left navigation bar; then Click on Glass Foil Pendants for description and image.