Chakra Point Crystal Pendant

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These beautiful crystal point pendants come in clear quartz, amethyst, and sodalite, and are adorned with chakra stones believed to balance and align the chakras. Metaphysical belief states that If the chakras are misaligned, blocked, or unbalanced, physical, mental, and spiritual health may decline. These beautiful natural crystal pendants can be made into pendants, necklaces, and other jewelry or metaphysical tools. These pendants consist of amethyst, iolite, moonstone, peridot, citrine, carnelian, and garnet beads in a row on a metal setting, a silver cap with ring, and a 6 sided faceted crystal pencil point in your choice of clear quartz, amethyst, or sodalite. Metaphysically, Clear Quartz is thought to promote the flow of energy, and is a powerful healing crystal that is cleansing and energizing. Amethyst is thought to be a protective and healing stone that promotes creativity, stability, balance, and calm, and wards off poison, drunkenness, and insomnia. Sodalite is thought to be a protective stone that also inspires creativity, inner peace, and calm. Each pendant measures about 1.5" to 2" long and may differ from the photo due to the natural type of the product. VG-PDT540 (each pendant sold separately)