Contactless Door Opener Tool Accessory

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Contact less Tool is great for many uses. You can avoid germs by eliminating common point-of-contact areas. The no touch tool is made with Brass, Nickel, or Chrome alloy, so it is naturally antimicrobial. The no touch tool also has an ergonomic design and is lightweight and easy to carry. It easily attaches to keys.

  • Uses: touchscreens, public restrooms, ATMs, elevator buttons, gas pumps, keypads and many more

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No-Touch Key Handle helps with that and much more.

How to use Touchless Door opener :

Insert you finger through the back hole and hook on to the handle and either Pull or Push, either one works great and you are protected at the same time.

These are available in 3 different color/metal options to work for you: Nickel, Brass or Chrome plated.