Crystal Angel Point Pendulum

ID : VG-PDL477-Amethyst

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These beautiful angel shaped crystal point pendulums come in amethyst or clear quartz, and can be used as a pendant for necklaces or as a pendulum. Angel pendulums are thought to allow angels to show you direction and give you answers, or generally communicate with angels for healing the physical and metaphysical body, and pendulums in general are thought to allow communication with the spiritual world. Metaphysically, clear quartz is thought to be an energizing, aligning, and super healing stone that expels and reverses negativity, and amethyst is thought to be a healing stone that gives protection, creativity, stability, balance, and calmness, and dispels poisons and insomnia. These carved angel shaped crystal pendulums come in your choice of amethyst or clear quartz crystal, and both have a faceted clear crystal quartz point on the bottom, all held in place with a metal fitting, and have a detachable chain with a clear quartz sphere bead at the top of the chain. Due to the nature of these crystal pendulums, the length and appearance may differ from the photos. Each pendulum is around 3 inches long. Chains vary in length. VG-PDL477 (each stone/crystal sold individually) Image only to shown colors of stones/crystals