Druzy Agate Heart Pendant

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This beautiful druzy agate heart crystal stone pendant consists of a silver metal wrapped, open-back druze agate heart with a double loop clasp. (Sold Individually) Druze agate is a beautiful pink, brown, white, and/or gray stone, often times with bands of color, and is covered in tiny shimmering crystal. Metaphysically, agate is thought to enhance courage, strength, protection, healing, and dealing with emotions. It is also thought to enhance creativity and intellect, and is one of the oldest "good luck" stones. The fact that these pendants have an open back and allow the stone to touch directly to your skin is thought to allow a more direct flow of energy to enhance the metaphysical effects of the stone. An example of the backs of the stone hearts are shown in one of the inset pictures. Each pendant is about .75" to 1.5" across. These pendants are assorted, and may differ from the picture because of the natural origin of the item.

VG-PDT8873 (Sold as 1 piece, image only to shown variances in colors and shapes/sizes)