Feng Shui Pillar Candle Set - Closeout

ID : FS01006

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Feng Shui Pillar Candle Gift Set, comes as a boxed set of Feng Shui candles. Candles are 2"x4". Closeout Priced Ancient Chinese belief that ones life is affected by the balance of 5 elements. Water - Feelings of inspiration Wood - Communication Fire - Intimate and friendly energy Earth - Nurturing, caring, energy Metal - Intelligence & Sharpness of mind, associated with wealth. Makes a great gift! Ships when temperatures are below 95 degrees in Phoenix (October through May typically). Note, candles may melt during shipping in warm weather and become disfigured. Shipments when the weather in Phoenix, AZ is over 95 degrees any of the next 7 days after order entry will be at buyers risk.