Fluorite Sphere Grade "A"

ID : SPH-FL-A-Grade A Size 4 = 60mm(+40.00)

Regular price $29.95

Fluorite Sphere Grade "A". Genuine Fluorite stone sphere, polished. Grade "A" Higher quality stone and color; 4 sizes 1 thru 4, size 4 being the largest size. These Fluorite Sphere are beautiful stones. Give them as a gift or keep them for your self. Fluorite is said to be of conscious mind and body in dispels anxiety and tension, balances mental energies, aids in sleep and excellent for meditation, cool and calm. Approx stone sizes by stone numbers:
Size 1= 45mm (Currently sold out); Size 2= 50mm; Size 3= 55mm & Size 4= 60mm

Limited Quantities and at these prices they will go fast! Price Starting at $29.95 USD for Grade "A" size 1 (smallest sphere, and increases per size, size 2 increases $20.00 USD more, size 3 $30.00 USD more & size 4 $40.00 USD more from starting price. Please see dropdown for additional pricing per size of larger stones or sizes. Price adjusted automatically once added to cart.) Quantity of 1 means 1 stone, image is to reflect all stones and sizes only.