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Home Spa Collection Candle Gift Set. Spa collection Candle set is a 4 piece set of votive candles in glass dish scented for a unique home spa feelign of relaxation, with 4 scents, treat yourself to a home spa: "Decompress" fragrance of blended jasmine and musk; "Relax" with lavender and kumquar; "Invigorate" the spirit with the pleasing scent of sandalwood combined with vanilla; and " Revive" your body in a pleasing aroma of cucumber and mint. Home Spa Candles bring together fragrances from nature for the body and spirit and create a getaway from your regular routine to a quite place. Light these candles and free yourself and senses and experience the luxury of peace. Ships when temperatures are below 95 degrees in Phoenix (October through May typically). Note, candles may melt during shipping in warm weather and become disfigured. Shipments when the weather in Phoenix, AZ is over 95 degrees any of the next 7 days after order entry will be at buyer’s risk. Closeout Candle set