Lover’s Choice Coconut Passion Fruit Massage Oil

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Lover’s Choice Coconut Passion Fruit Massage Oil (6oz) Wild and Delicious Coconut Passion Fruit Massage Oil 6oz. Massage is a great way to enhance an intimate relationship. The simple act of touching and caressing is a powerful expression of love that words sometimes fall short. Couples will find it easy to arouse the senses while they escape into a sensual paradise for two. Plus, the enticing blend of island coconut and passion fruit will tempt you to kiss each other all over! The warming sensation of the massage oil is easily activated with the hands upon application and further intensified by blowing gently. Not only will the delightful sensation relax the body it will also awaken passionate desires deep from within. Scented with Coconut Passion Fruit for your senses. See more scented creams and oil under our "Bath and Body" section