Mova Globes

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The MOVA globe is the first in a family of decorative, peaceful objects that live on the energy and force fields that surround us. Friction has been almost eliminated, so there is almost no wasted energy. This design principle will be applied to many beautiful objects, and will show the way to reduce our dependence on polluting power plants, power lines, and batteries. The MOVA globe is an object from the future that comes alive in light. How MOVA Globe Works. No batteries and no wires required. Quiet and visually pleasing motion. Soothing, meditative and inspirational. Includes an informative user manual and an elegant acrylic stand. The MOVA globe rotates peacefully and silently using only the energy of room light and the force of the earth’s magnetic field. The MOVA globe is an inner globe that rotates and is contained within an outer shell made of very clear acrylic that does not rotate. The thin space between the inner globe and outer shell is filled with a safe, perfectly clear fluid that buoyantly supports the inner globe completely out of contact with the outer shell. This inner globe, floating and turning in a virtually friction-free environment and energized by light, is analogous to the earth itself. The MOVA globe is being brought to market at a time when people everywhere will understand and appreciate this analogy. NOTE: Limited to globes on hand As they have Discontinued and will no longer be carried after sold-out.