Nature's Essence Scented Square Candles - Closeout


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Nature's Essence Scented Candles. Closeout Priced 2 x 2 x 3 inches Square scented candles. Revitalize with these wonderful Scented candles, scents from Nature's Essence Natural Collection, made with pure essential oils; like Mandarin, Mint, Lavender, Chamomile and many more relaxing scents and aromas. This makes a great gift idea or just a little something for your self to relax in your favorite place with your favorite candle scents. Choose from many favorites Combination Scents like: Revitalizing (Mandarin, Ylang & Patchouli), Meditation (Cedar, Mint & Lemongrass), Healing (Lavender), Energy (Lemon & Lemongrass), Love (Lemon & Orange Blossom), Rejoice (Orange & Vanilla), Relaxation (Tangerine, Orange & Lavender), Peace (Chamomile & Lavender), Zen (Green Tea), Poetry (Grapefruit, Ginger & Bergamot) or Dream (Rosemary, Mint & Geranium) Many scents already sold out only options above are available. Made in the USA. Fill your home, office, and studio, meditation room with a unique and favorite scent, sure to have everyone ask. Makes a great gift! (Quantity of 1 is 1 Candle)

WARNING Ships when temperatures are below 95 degrees in Phoenix (October through May typically). Note, candles may melt during shipping in warm weather and become disfigured. Shipments when the weather in Phoenix, AZ is over 95 degrees & any of the next 7 days after order entry will be at buyers risk.