Neo Tribesman Colorful Bracelet

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Get some bright, island tribal look fashion with these Neo Tribesman colorful friendship bracelets. These braided polyester cord bracelets are fun and great for accessorizing or as gifts. These assorted friendship bracelets come in tons of different color combinations, and are assorted. You may request a certain color combination in the comments box upon checkout of your order, but please understand that your request will be regarded as a suggestion, and we will simply give you a different color combination if we can't find the one requested. Please note that these bracelets are sold singular: each 1 quantity is one bracelet. These bracelets are cheap but durable, and great for everyday wear. These cord bracelets are constructed of bright colorful polyester with a cotton waxed cord base, are flat on one side and have ridges on the other, and attach via a loop on one side and two straps on the other. These can be tied together to make a long arm wrap bracelet or a choker necklace. Each bracelet is about 12" long, fitting about 11.5" circumference, with a braided section of about 6.25" long. Some colors of thread that are used are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, lime green, fuchsia hot pink, black, white, brown, turquoise, light blue, light pink, lavender, and gold. Some come in rasta themed color combinations. The design that the colors form looks somewhat Inuit or totem inspired. VG-BB2620