Onyx Butterfly Windchime

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White Onyx Butterfly Wind-chime. Butterfly chimes are a beautiful addition to any backyard or home. The Onyx is cut to form a stunning butterfly that tears downward with approx 12 butterflies hanging down. Every time a wind hits the chimes and the butterflies touch each-other they make a perfect unique sounds of tranquility and beauty. Butterflies make a great gift or something for yourself. Great for weddings or events. Butterflies are known and many of their meanings are: A quick-list of Butterfly animal symbolism: Soul, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, freedom, change, strength and Time. Grab one or gift one to someone as a symbol of love, and happiness. These are limited to stock, Onyx colors may very from image as Onyx has a variety of colors from, white, tan, brown and even black. You are bound to love these butterfly wind chimes. Style Butterfly Chimes