Orange Teardrop Foil Pendant

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Orange Teardrop Foil Pendant. Teardrop glass foil pendant. This beautiful, sophisticated and elegant glass Teardrop foil pendant will make a spectacular accept to any occasion; a symbol of fashion and taste. Each foil Teardrop foil glass pendant is exquisitely detailed and made fashioned from the highest quality glass. They first shape the Teardrop and apply layers of aventurina, swirls of colored glass and orange foil, and finally encase the entire Teardrop in crystal glass. Teardrop pendant necklaces also make great gifts. Approx size is: 2” length by 1 ¼”wide. Pattern and size will vary slightly from item to item. Mix and match types of power bead stone bead bracelets for quantity discounts. Pricing will be updated automatically! 2 or more get discounts! (adjusted price will show when the quantities are increased, applies per order only, cannot combine orders for quantity discount)