Weeping Earth Candles

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The Weeping Earth Candle. Weeping earth candles, this candle was created to be a symbolic reminder of the fragility of our planet. It is designed to drip and sculpt itself into an ever-changing landscape as it burns. Be creative! Burn some wicks while others cool. Pinch, cut or mold the warm thin walls to form your own unique sculpture. Weeping earth candle is about 6 inch in height and width and 2 inch depth with a slight taper at the top to promote the weeping process. All colors run throughout, no painting or over-dipping. Fragrance free candles. Slight color bleed, Clearance priced! No returns or exchanges. Else where $19.99 Limited Quantities, buy today!! You may get from a few color: Assorted, Blue,White, Pink, Yellow.